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We strongly demand that the House of Representatives of Indonesia will not approve the nuclear bill!

    We Japanese anti-nuclear organizations have been opposing to the export of nuclear power to Indonesia. The signature collecting campaign had been conducted and more than 140,000 citizens and 80 Diet members have signed expressing their protest and anxiety toward the problem. The signatures were submitted to the President of the House of Councilors as well as the speaker of the House of Representatives and we petitioned the Japanese government not to give public funds and permission to the export of nuclear power to foreign countries. At last, the committee of foreign affairs at the House of councilors decided not to use ODA for the export of nuclear power.

    The Japanese nuclear industry is targeting the Asian countries because it is already impossible to construct new nuclear power plant in Japan. Recently two local referendum were conducted in Japan and the results clearly showed that they never accept the construction of new nuclear power plants. Japanese society has been already aware that nuclear power is abandoned technology and began to reject it.

    From the bottom of our hearts, we demand that Indonesia will give up the construction of nuclear power plant. Nuclear power is an abandoned technology. Nuclear power has no future. In most of the advanced countries, it is widely believed that nuclear power create only the environmental distraction and can't be a solution for the energy problem. Again, nuclear power is abandoned and reckless technology. If you go ahead with the construction of nuclear power plants in your country, it is only the nuclear industry and some people of power who get benefit from the project.

    For the future of nuclear-free and peaceful Asia, please make decision not to possess nuclear power. Please don't approve the controversial nuclear bill.

    It is only nuclear -free countries that can create prosperous, affluent and peaceful future.

February 25, 1997

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