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Taiwan Environmental Protection Union, Taipei Chapter
TEPUTC's web pages have many pictures and many contents.
But, almost, it is written by Chinese character.
Nuclear Free Philippine Coalition
NFPC is very famous network of anti-nuclear and anti-bases movement in Philippines,and known as the group stopped Bataan NPP just before operation and banished USA bases from Philippines. There are only basic information on the group and some latest news, but their much experience will enrich the pages soon. Written in English.
Koordinationskreis Siemens-Boykott
This is the pages by "Siemens-Boykott" expanding boycott campaign against Siemens, German nuke plant producing company.You can read "crime" by Siemens and history of campaign in English, German, French and Spanish.They seems to be more and more superior than us about boycott.
There are also link to "Critical Shareholders" which hosts boycott campaign and anti nuke movement of other countries.

Taiwan Environmental Protection Union (TEPU) (Under construction)
TEPU is leading environmental organization in Taiwan consisting of about one thousand members. Their activities include direct action and education for environment and publishing magazine. NNAF has international solidality with them, and they are the proposer of boicott action against reactor exporting company of this time.
In this page, you can find introduction of their activity, as a matter of course issue of nuclear power plant in Taiwan. Although it is still under construction, It will be very useful to know environmental issues in Taiwan when it is completed.

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