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Introduction of
No Nukes Asia Forum

Japan is considered as "a model" having nuclear power plants
Why is No Nukes Asia Forum necessary?
The industry of nuclear energy is brought to a deadlock
The birth of NNAF

Japan is considered as "a model"
having nuclear power plants.

We the members of No Nukes Asia Forum have begun to communicate with the people who play an active part in the movement of anti-nuclear power plants in Korea since 1988. And we got to know the people who wanted to promote nuclear power plants, for example, governments and electric power companies, in both countries were really friendly with each other.

For example, the government and electric power companies in Korea promote nuclear power plants referring to how to advertise nuclear power plants or the counter-measures to meet the residents of Japan. And they announce that nuclear power plants in Japan work well and the residents are approval of those plants. Those who promote nuclear power plants have conferences every year and keep in contact with each other.

The same thing happened in Taiwan. They announced that nuclear power plants in Japan worked well, using photos of the people swimming at the sea resort near Mihama nuclear power plants in Fukui.

As we got to communicate with the countries like Indonesia or Thailand, we became aware that the actual condition in each place bore a close resemblance to the case in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Why is No Nukes Asia Forum necessary?

Moreover, Japan is taking the leadership of promoting nuclear power plants inviting engineers to study from Asian countries. Since 1990, International Conference for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia is held in Japan and Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference was held at Kobe in Oct., 1996. Japan is finding its market in Indonesia, Taiwan and so on.

Japan is forcing nuclear power plants to the Asian countries and we are made to play a role for its advertisement. We don't want to let such a situation.

The industry of nuclear energy is brought to a deadlock.

In Japan, 50 nuclear power reactors have been constructed for this 25 years at a pace of 2 reactors a year. We consider that it's because for the nuclear industry, not for the measures to solve the energy problem. 2 reactors a year; they comprise one boiling water reactor produced by Toshiba and Hitachi and one pressured water reactor produced by Mitsubishi. The fact exactly shows us the nuclear industry has constructed the nuclear power plants to protect not our lives nor the environment but the industry itself.

Now the situation is getting difficult for building new nuclear power plants because of the expansion of movement of the citizens, the revelation of their careless management by successive accidents and the strong resistance of the residents of the towns where nuclear power plants are build.

The birth of NNAF

A pre-forum of Asian NGOs was held at Yokohama in 1992 before the Earth Summit in Brazil. Then Mr. Kim Wong-Shik, working for the anti-nuclear information center in Korea, proposed to make an anti-nuclear forum in Asia and it was demanded to hold the first conference in Japan.

In compliance with this, finally the executive committee was born with networks of 1354 supporters and approving people and 177 approving organizations.

And then, No Nukes Asia Forum has been held every year with many participants in Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia. It has developed as a forum to study, discuss and communicate for the Asian people who want to solve various problems about nuclear power. We are going to hold this year's forum in Philippines.

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