International Sustainable Energy Conference

The discussion with pro-nukes

The formal conference of the 4th No Nukes Asia Forum was held under the name of "The International Sustainable Energy Conference" at the conference hall of the Ministry of Environment in Central Jakarta,July,30,1996. It was an open meeting with pro-nukes and researchers of various sustainable energy resources. Remenber that it would be very difficult but therefore important to hold that kind of conference openly, in the country where "anti-nukes" is regarded as "anti-government" and becomes a target of oppression.

A snapshot of the conference

The conference was very "HOT"! It was not only because someone who wouldn't like this conference had cut the air conditioner!! There was not enough time to discuss, but both sides on this issue gave their opinions and several researchers of alternative energy resources explained their studies. As a result,it became clear that Indonesia is a rich country of the sustainable energy resources.

Today's lunch(!)
Main dish is AYAM GORENG(fried chicken) in the center,
SAYUR ASAM(sour vegetable soup) on the right
and BAMI GORENG(fried noodle) on the left.

Early in the evening, a participant from Thailand arrived and joined us. But the schedule was terribly tight!! The Great Migration to Central Java started soon after his arival. It was a whole night ride. Some participants enjoyed the EXCITING night bus trip but others entrusted their lives to a driving technique of the bus driver......!!

At the press conference.
Participants from Indonesia,Taiwan,Philippine,
Korea,Japan(from right to left)